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Jackie Ashkin (CWTS, Leiden Univeristy)

Hey you! I'm a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies all the way in Leiden, the Netherlands. My research is all about how scientists make the ocean into an authorized object of empirical...Read more

Angela Okune Collaboration Bio

Angela Okune

Code for Science and Society

From 2015 - 2021, I studied data practices and infrastructures of research groups working in and on Nairobi, Kenya in order to explore broader questions of equity, knowledge production...Read more

Alexandra Ciocanel

I am a doctoral student in the Anthropology Department at the University of Manchester, currently doing fieldwork on mortgages in Bucharest, Romania. In my research project, I interrogate mortgages as market and temporal devices looking at the construction of a mortgage and real estate...Read more

Selen Eren Collaboration Bio

Selen Eren University of Gronigen, STS

I am a doctoral researcher at Campus Fryslân, the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. I study how knowledge claims are produced and how credibility is achieved in bird ecologists’ knowledge infrastructures consisting of...Read more

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