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Introduction Catalyst Vol 4

This essay introduces the themed collection, Illness Narratives, Networked Subjects, and Intimate Publics, published by the journal, Catalyst.Read more

Catalyst: Editorial Team

EDITORIAL BOARD Rachel Lee , University of California, Los Angeles, United States Patrick Keilty , University of Toronto, Canada Michelle Murphy , University of Toronto, Canada Banu Subramaniam , University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States Nassim JafariNaimi , Georgia Tech, United States...Read more
Introduction Catalyst Vol 2.1

This is the introductory essay to Vol 2 of Catalyst. It provides an overview of the volume's focus on "Digital Militarisms."Read more

Catalyst: Infrastructures

OPEN ACCESS Catalyst adopts an open access policy to make research freely available to the public in support of a global exchange of knowledge. The contributors, both authors and artists, retain the right to all uses including reuse for commercial purposes. Materials published in Catalyst are...Read more

Catalyst: Frameworks

Catalyst In chemistry, a catalyst is an agent that sparks a reaction and increases its rate, stimulating shifts and changing outcomes. A catalyst galvanizes but also produces alternative pathways for actions to occur. The journal's name reflects the very first aim of the editorial board in seeking...Read more
Introduction Catalyst Vol 3.1

This essay introduces the section on Feminism's Sciences published by the journal, Catalyst.Read more

Catalyst "News in Focus": Ebola

This essay features a discssion on the "Ebola" outbreak as part of the "News in Focus" section of the journal Catalyst. The curators, Deboleena Roy and banu Subramaniam note in the abstract:

"As we planned this inaugural issue, and watched the news of Ebola in the U.S. media...Read more

Feminist Technoscience: Intimacy, Embodiment and Abjection in Science Studies

This is the inaugural editorial for a special issue on "Feminist Technoscience" published by the journal, Science & Technology Studies.Read more

Introduction Catalyst Vol 2.2

This is the introduction to Vol 2 (2) of the journal, Catalyst. It introduces the issues focus on the intersections between Black Studies and Feminist Technoscience.
...Read more

Catalyst: Themed Issues

The editorial board of Catalyst launched the journal in Fall 2015 with an inaugural issue that was designed to demonstrate the scope of journal's intellectual and political vision. The works in this issue reflect the journal's "vision of encounters between theory, feminism, and technoscience," as...Read more
Catalyst "Lab Meeting": Balancing Sex in Cell and Animal Studies

This is the inaugural "Lab Meeting" essay published by Catalyst. It features a discussion between practicing scientists and a historian of science on the implications of a recent NIH directive to balance sex in cell and animal studies.Read more

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