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Introduction: Adachi Akira and Non-modern Area Studies

Asian and African Area Studies No.13-2 (February, 2014): 101-111

Author: Tatsuro Fujikura

Abstract: This introductory article to the special issue remembering Professor Adachi Akira recollects some aspects of his life and thoughts by looking at some of his writings. It starts from...Read more

Fischer defines "anthropology of STS"

Fischer does work to define “anthropology of STS” - six key features are defined on pg 183-4: "The anthropology of STS has emerged alongside, and broadens the purview of, British...Read more

Anthropological STS in Asia

Michael M. J. Fischer characterizes STS in Asia as theory from the Global East, additionally distinguishing STS from SSK, SCOT, and ANT.  Read more

Publication Trends around anthropology and STS

The Anthropological Turn series, Suiseisha In 2015, a Japanese publisher, Suiseisha ( 水声社 ), whose previous focus was French and other international literature, started a new translation series called “ The Anthropological Turn (人類学の転回 jinruigaku no tenkai ) ,” reflecting Japanese general readers’...Read more

International Symposium: The Human and the Social

International Symposium: The Human and the Social Date: December 7, 2010, 9:00~17:00 Venue: Orion room, Jyosui Kaikan , 2-1-1, Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Program: Part I 9:00 - 12:15 (Chair: Akio Tanabe) Naoki Kasuga “ .....And (as opening remarks)” Casper Bruun Jensen “Anthropology as a...Read more
Different Scales, Non-Corresponding Words, Hidden Actors, Imbroglios

Asian and African Area Studies No.13-2 (February, 2014): 148-173

Author: Yasushi Uchiyamada

Abstract: This is an attempt to follow and describe from the perspective of Simondonian ontogenesis the emerging imbroglios constituted interactively by leaking radioactive materials,...Read more


The main text of Ant Network Theory is composed of three SF stories, whereas the endnotes are the notes of "two time-traveling scholars writing from an unspecified far future, at a time when other...Read more

Toward Natural-cultural Relativism
Toward Natural-cultural Relativism : Considering the Future of Globalization from the Standpoint of the Inuit Indigenous Movement (<Special Theme> Beyond "Globalization")
Author: Keiichi OMURA...Read more
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