1995. Epstein. "The Construction of Lay Expertise: AIDS Activism and the Forging of Credibility in the Reform of Clinical Trials"

"In an unusual instance of lay participation in biomedical research, U.S. AIDS treatment activists have constituted themselves as credible participants in the process of knowledge construction, thereby bringing about changes in the epistemic practices of biomedical research. This...Read more

From Politics to Academics: Political Activism and the Emergence of Science and Technology Studies in South Korea

This 2014 article by Mathieu Quet and Marianne Noel link South Korean political activism and STS reflections from the 70s and 80s to the growth of academic STS in the 90s. Comparisons are made to similar developments in Europe and the US. Read more

Challenges for Inter-Asia STS in the Collaboration between Victim’s Advocacy Group in the Samsung Leukemia Case in South Korea and the RCA Case in Taiwan

Hsin-Hsing Chen, Shih-Hsin University Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies

Since the calls for “Inter-Asia” approach in cultural studies in the early 2000s, comparison between different Asian societies, or...Read more

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