Video: About iHub Research (March 2012)


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July 23, 2018 - 1:27pm

Critical Commentary

AO: This initial marketing video about iHub Research underscores our intent to develop research for the iHub community. Nonetheless, one of the biggest challenges that emerged was that the start-up developers were not in a position to cover the costs of research work and it was therefore challenging to produce work for them by leveraging the budgets of other projects (although we did do this for a while). We also tackled this challenge by moving away from producing individualized market research work (which might be very helpful for one company but less so for the general community) and moved towards conducting work looking more broadly at the relationship between technology & society (that few of the individual companies would have funded by themselves for example but whose insights we felt would be generally helpful for the whole ecosystem in terms of the broader direction of where Kenyan innovation and technology should be focused).



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