Tatiana Smirnova. Data Availability Statement


As publication data I would like to offer data on the publications of the Swiss Winegrowers' Festival on Notrehistoire.ch. During the event I worked as a volunteer in the social media team and tried to observe attentively the work of the organisers. At the same time I was observing what was happening on the web and especially on social media platforms. My hypothesis is that social media data can help us to understand some of the mechanisms of collective memory of an event and complement our sometimes abstract understanding of it with concrete examples from the social world of users.

The platform Notrehistoire.ch is a Swiss website set up in the form of a social media for sharing historical artefacts. For example, copies of documents, photos and videos. The platform is something between a social network and an archive database. The Wine Festival is a festival held in Switzerland every 20 years and on Notrehistoire.ch we find artefacts on different historical versions of the festival.

The proposed database includes the following sections: type of content; video duration; link ; author ; contributions (followers); title ; circumstances ; content creation date; publication date ; associated location; number of views, likes, favorites and comments; gallery name; hashtags.

All data is in the open public domain. Firstly, the database allows us to document the event and record some sources of its history. Secondly, it allows us to analyse which elements of the event have become of interest to users and what exactly users have published about the event in the public domain. Thirdly, this database allows us to see the characteristics of local social media and archive platforms that have unique features and at the same time features common to many other platforms and archive resources. 


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June 13, 2022 - 9:45am


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June 13, 2022 - 4:49pm

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This text represents a description for one of the thesis databases.



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