Substantive Logics: STS on Edge


The STS on Edge event series invite panelists located in particular contexts. The panelists are asked to answer: What are the most pressing needs for knowledge production, infrastructure, and communication in your context?

They are invited to unpack this question by selecting from and/or adding new sub-questions to the list below: 

  • In your context, what are pressing challenges for researchers and students, especially regarding the role of science and technology in society?

  • What pressures from the state and other related authorities are felt by academics in your locality? 

  • Were there marches for science in your context?  If so, what did they speak to and signify? If not, is there an explanation that would help us understand local ways of thinking about science? 

  • Does the public in your context trust science and scientists? Why, or why not? 

  • What kinds of public knowledge infrastructure is available in your context, and what is needed? Is there sufficient public access to government data, for example? Is there active data and knowledge sharing between academics, and between academics and different communities outside the  university?  


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April 24, 2021 - 6:54pm

Critical Commentary

This text explains the substantive logics of the event series "STS on Edge," organized by T-STS Network Program Building Group. 

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Duygu Kasdogan, "Substantive Logics: STS on Edge", contributed by Duygu Kasdogan and Kim Fortun, STS Infrastructures, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 24 April 2021, accessed 5 May 2021.