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STS Publications

This collection offers a window into the rich ecology of publications through which STS scholarship has been elaborated. The collection isn’t intended as a comprehensive survey of all STS publications, but rather as as an invitation toward further elaboration by the STS community writ large. We offer a very partial perspective onto ways in which STS publications have evolved historically, the infrastructures that have supported them, their main contributions to scholarship and to making it more broadly relevant, and the opportunities and challenges that they are currently confronted with. This collection features several artifacts including textual interviews with many STS publication editors as well as supplementary material in the form of essays and editorials that they have published. The collection deliberately highlights STS publications “Across Borders,” foregrounding the rich intellectual, institutional, linguistic, and regional plurality that already characterizes the field. An implicit argument is that a key challenge for next generation STS scholarship will be to articulate across differences mindful of leveraging such plurality without losing the diversity that allowed for such richness in the first place.


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