STS Laboratories, Clinics, Data

STS Labs and Clinics Panel Abstract

In this panel, we stage a conversation about STS pedagogy based on experiences of creating new spaces for doing STS in and outwith institutions: Labs and Clinics. We think these critical formations through five big themes, discussed across all...Read more

Workshop Materials

STS Laboratories, Clinics, Data Panel Notes July 7

This is a PDF download of a Google document. It reflects notes taken during the "STS Laboratories, Clinics, Data" Panel with Anita Say Chan, Rachel Douglas-Jones, Ranjit Singh, and Malte Ziewitz in the STS as a Critical Pedagogy Workshop, Summer 2021. Notes were primarily taken by undergraduate...Read more

STS Critical Pedagogies Workshop - STS Labs and Clinics - Your Classroom, Your Lab?

How can your classroom also be a space for modeling a "laboratory" or lab practices?

  • How can the " space " of your pedagogy or classroom be leveraged in a way that enacts a "laboratory"?
  • What is the " institution " where you
  • ...Read more