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August 17, 2018 - 10:51am

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This stacked bar graph compares gender distribution of contributors across for three decades Science & Technology Studies. According to Salla Sariola, 

Possibly owing to the journal’s Nordic roots, arising from countries known for their gender equality, gender has featured prominently in the journal’s content and editorial presence. Special issues topics have focused on developing feminist technoscience scholarship at large, and addressed gender relations in academic knowledge production. In addition to the special issues, numerous scholars have emphasized the persisting inequities in science and technology, shown how power operates in research networks, and the ways in which innovations gender and are gendered. If the journal’s own numbers are an indication, of the current editorial team, 50% of the members are women and in the journal’s history, four of the six coordinating editors have been women. Of the authors publishing in the journal throughout the 30 years, 46% have been women. During the first decade, the difference was as unequal as 77% of men to 23% women. More recently, however, since year 2009, the number of women authors becomes slightly higher than men at 53%.

Salla Sariola. 2018 Editorial (Forthcoming). Science & Technology Studies. 31(3) 


Infographic by Prerna Srigyan



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