Strathern, Mol

The article responds to the modern "pluralistic" attitude as exemplified by social constructivism (here in the work of Barry Barnes). By "pluralistic," Gad means an attitude upon reality that seems it as a stable and singular ontology upon which there are multiple perspectives or, conversely, a stable perspective against which there are multiple ontologies. Pluralism is based on "the existence of constants: distinguishable perspectives, or an objective reality." (53)

The article builds a "post-actor-network theory" using  Marilyn Strathern's critique of pluralism (as "merographic connections" (56)) and her notion of post-pluralism using Annemarie Mol's discussions of ontological multiplicity and ontological politics. This is all framed within a Foucauldian approach that sees post pluralism not as a epoch that follows pluralism but as an attitude in relation to pluralism. 


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