Society and Technological Change

TitleSociety and Technological Change
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsVolti, Rudi
PublisherNew York : Worth Publishers, [2017]
ISBN Number978-1-319-05825-8
AbstractPart one. Defining . The nature of technology ; Winners and losers : the differential effects of technological change – part two. The process of technological change. The sources of technological change ; Scientific knowledge and technological advance ; The diffusion of technology – part three How technology affects the health of earth and its inhabitants. Technology, energy, and the environment ; Medical technologies ; Genetic technologies – part four. Technology and the transformation of work. Work in nonindustrial societies ; Technology and jobs : more of one and less of the other? ; Technological changes and life on the job – part five. Communication. Printing ; The electronic media : from the telegraph to television ; The Internet age – part six. The tools of destruction. Weapons and their consequences ; The era of smart weapons ; How new weapons emerge- and how they may be contained – part seven. The shaping and control of technology. Technology and its creators : who's in charge of whom? ; Organizations and technological change ; Governing technology.
Notes'Accession Number: vmc.b31965581; Other Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.; T14.5.V67 2017; Publication Type: Book; Physical Description: xv, 448 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.; Language: English; LCCN: 2016955866\n - yorker'