The social construction of technological systems; New directions in the sociology and history of technology

  Epistemological break: by contesting the mistakes done due to the descartian dualistic understanding of science and technology as different entities, the authors contribute to the discourse of STS, a dynamic different approach towards technology and science as something parasitically draws from each other and draws from it.  It gives a precise idea that who is determining the other is only going to lose the time, energy etc.  On the other hand, their enquiry regarding different sets of results in different time and space lead those to conceptualize that the social world is the context rather than a deterministic factor.

 Study of unfruitful technology: one of the criticisms of technological studies is its inability to understand how failed technological innovations influence society and the entire paradigm of technology. The historians of technology often miss this aspect, which actually revolutionized our modern way of consumerism and innovations. The history of technology and making of an artefact cannot be separated from the framework of social construction.

 Cross-checking the definitional dilemma: one of the deviating factors in understanding technology is the definitional dilemma which will make us carried away. Rather than focusing on such unfruitful action, the authors argue to focus more on what implications it produces.

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