Sketch D Session Logistics

We will hold this sketch's live workshop on October 5, 2021 at 11 AM EST.

All participants who submit their sketch via this form by September 24th will receive an email with the Zoom link to attend the session.

Join the 6S Slack channel for any further discussion here.

Instructions: Round 2

Once all participants have completed their sketches, we will now complete a round of elaborative peer review, that is to say, engaging each other's work to elaborate and develop new collaborative ties. This kind of friendly "review-for-building-new-relations" is intended to serve a generative function rather than a disciplining function.

Choose one or two of your peer responses from the below list of submissions (will be available after Sept 27th).
 Review your peers' material. After reviewing, click the "Annotate" button under their artifact and select the "6S Elaborative Peer Review" questions to provide feedback on their responses.

Instructions: Round 1

By Sept. 24th, complete the sketch below and submit as a PDF with your name via this form.

  1. Identify a job posting you find exciting in your country of education/origin/a new geography altogether;

  2. Answer the following three questions in 50-100 words each, concerning the posting and provide two questions that spring to your mind about the posting.


  • What aspects of the posting most attracted you?

  • How do you relate with the geographic location of the posting on the level of familiarity? Talk about its political, social, institutional, material and cultural contexts that you are and are not familiar with.

  • How does the location of the posting enable your research contexts or career trajectories?

Your questions as relates to the posting you chose: