Situational Analysis in Practice: Mapping Research with Grounded Theory

TitleSituational Analysis in Practice: Mapping Research with Grounded Theory
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsClarke, Adele E., Carrie Friese, and Rachel Washburn
Number of Pages347
CityNew York
ISBN Number978-1-315-42013-4
AbstractSituational Analysis creates analytic maps of social processes and relationships identified using grounded theory. Creator of the method, award-winning sociologist Adele E. Clarke and two co-editors show how the method can be, and has been, used in a variety of critical qualitative studies. The book-Updates the basic concepts and methods of situational analysis, a methodology created by Clarke;-Provides five important case studies of its use in a variety of health and educational settings;-Offers reflections from the original researchers on the studies and their impact;-Includes lists of published articles and available websites focused on situational analysis.
Short TitleSituational Analysis in Practice