Science Education Research and Practice in Asia-Pacific and Beyond

TitleScience Education Research and Practice in Asia-Pacific and Beyond
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsYeo, Jennifer, Tang Wee Teo, and Kok-Sing Tang
PublisherSpringer Singapore
ISBN Number978-981-10-5148-7
AbstractThis book is based on presentations at the International Science Education Conference (ISEC) 2014. It showcases a selection of the best papers by researchers and science teachers from the Asia-Pacific region, North America and the United Kingdom. Centered on the theme of “Pushing the boundaries – Investing in our future”, they pursue new ways of helping learners appreciate the diversity and changes in science that result from a globalised world facing complex and diverse environmental and technological issues. The chapters touch on various themes in science education that explore and investigate issues of scientific literacy, societal challenges and affect, and teacher professional development. Its comprehensive themes make it a valuable textbook for graduate students of master’s and Ph.D. programs. It also appeals to pre-service and in-service teachers as a resource on innovative pedagogical practices and creative methods of professional development. With a selection that emphasises the research-practice nexus in education research, it serves as an introductory handbook for teachers to connect with the current issues facing science education.