Science and the Raj: A Study of British India

TitleScience and the Raj: A Study of British India
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsKumar, Deepak
Edition2 edition
Number of Pages330
PublisherOxford University Press
CityNew Delhi
ISBN Number978-0-19-568714-9
AbstractTo what extent were colonial scientific knowledge or discourses used to achieve political and cultural goals? How did the recipient culture appropriate or redefine the metropolitan ideology of science? Science and the Raj investigates some key questions related to British scientific encounters with India. It explores the link between science, technology, and the process of colonization in the context of British India. Deepak Kumar makes implicit and explicit distinctions between colonial and metropolitan sciences in terms of their aims, contents, and the mentalities of their patrons and practitioners. He argues that despite colonial influence, the generation, transmission, and reception of scientific ideas gradually acquired an autonomy and momentum of their own. Empirically and conceptually well grounded, this book skillfully combines in-depth case studies with wider analytical perspectives. Building upon new sources and research base, the second edition brings the discussion up to date with a new chapter taking the story up to 1947.
Short TitleScience and the Raj