RTG Workshop, Frankfurt

On Feburary 12 and 14th, a workshop was convened for the "Fixing Futures" Research Training Group at Goethe University in Frankfurt. The workshop introduced a number of critical data studies methodologies and was led by Linday Poirier, Smith College. 

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  • 1st Artifact:  Excerpts from my in-depth interview with Eda

    This document consists of excerpts from the first preliminary in-depth interview that I made. The research participant is a Turkish woman living in Germany, who had her eggs frozen four years ago. The main topics covered in this interview were her experiences as a migrant, her engagements with the egg freezing technology, and her future aspirations. The excerpts are translated from Turkish.



    Eda: […] So I always knew I didn’t want children at an early age.

    Beste: Why is that?