Transnational STS 4S/EASST 2020 Open Panel

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Panel 1 - Transnational Projects: Research and Pedagogy

Tuesday, August 18

3:00-4:40 Prague time. 

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Science and Technology as a Global Challenge: Evaluation of Attitudes and Notes from the course “Global Innovations”

Octavio Mucino-Hernandez, Arizona State University | Annel Vasquez, University of Guadalajara | Tomas Carrozza, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata | Jeanne Simon, Universidad de Concepcion | Martin Andres Perez Comisso, Arizona State University | Lindsay Adams Smith, Arizona State...Read more

"Chinese Privilege": Teaching Race and Technology in Singapore

Monamie Bhadra Haines, Nanyang Technological University

What does it mean to teach undergraduates about race and technology in a Singaporean context where race is the veritable “superstructure” of society, with...Read more

The Transnational Politics of the Wuhan Coronavirus

Joji Kijima, University of Tsukuba | Ryosuke Ohniwa, University of Tsukuba

This comparative analysis on the Wuhan coronavirus or COVID-19 examines how different countries cope with the same global pandemic. This paper argues that the new...Read more

Illiberal science and STS: new directions in the studies of science in state dictatorships. The case of forensic science in Soviet Russia

Volha Parfenchyk, Universiteit Utrecht

Recent studies in the history and sociology of science have seen two converging trends. On the one hand, scholars in science and technology studies (STS) researching science practices in Western liberal democracies have contested...Read more

Transnational Transformations: Daoism, The Neurosciences, And The Politics Of Knowledge

Johanna Pokorny, University of Toronto

This paper follows on a moment during my ethnographic research with a neuroscience laboratory in Canada when scientists discussed connections between the Daoist Zhuangzi, Chinese medicine and the...Read more


Panel 2 - Transnational Networks

Thursday, August 20

3:00-4:40 Prague time.

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Challenges for Inter-Asia STS in the Collaboration between Victim’s Advocacy Group in the Samsung Leukemia Case in South Korea and the RCA Case in Taiwan

Hsin-Hsing Chen, Shih-Hsin University Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies

Since the calls for “Inter-Asia” approach in cultural studies in the early 2000s, comparison between different Asian societies, or...Read more

Are we eating the cannibal? Provincializing STS from Latin America

Pablo Kreimer, CONICET

Some approaches, speaking about "postcolonial STS" are discovering the "failures" of the broad constructivist model (ANT, coproductionists, Third wave proponents, etc.) that became practically dominant...Read more

Transnational Community: A buzzword or a keyword for STS?

Duygu Kasdogan,Izmir Katip Celebi University

Transnational as an analytic concept has been circulating in social sciences with multiple disciplinary reflections on its...Read more

Transnationalizing Critical Drug Studies

Nancy Campbell, RPI

Few objects and subjects of knowledge present the embedded dilemmas of nationalism and colonialism than do “drugs,” which have typically been extracted from plant-based materials grown in the global South, yet...Read more

Panel 3 - Transnationalism in/of STS Journals

Friday, August 21

3:30-4:40 Prague time.

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Infrastructuring Transnational STS

Kim Fortun, University of California Irvine

draft text

Transnational STS works...Read more

Publishing Latin American STS Studies Outside the Region: Visibility, Themes and Theoretical Perspectives

Noella Invernizzi, Universidade Federal do Parana

Over the last decade STS studies have expanded in Latin America. Concomitantly, science policy and evaluation methods in universities in the region have stimulated the...Read more

Transnational STS in Engaging Science, Technology, and Society (ESTS) Journal

Aalok Khandekar, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

Strengthening “Transnational STS” is a primary goal of the incoming editorial collective of 4S’s Open Access journal, Engaging Science, Technology, and Society (ESTS...Read more

Panel Discussion with STS Journal Editors

A panel discussion with journal editors of STS jorunals that have been making noteworthy efforts to decenter STS scholarship.Read more