Most Cited Papers: Science & Technology Studies


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Innovating Relations – or Why Smart Grid is not too Complex for the Public

Abstract: "Revamping the electricity infrastructure to allow for an increased usage of renewable energy sources is a matter of concern in many parts of the world. In Europe, a major policy question is how to move energy demand to periods with surplus of renewable energy in the grid. In...Read more

Urban Green Assemblages: An ANT View on Sustainable City Building Projects

Abstract: "

In this article, I sketch an STS-theoretical approach to world-wide growing concerns with urban climate risks and sustainable urbanism more generally in terms of what I call ‘urban green assemblages’. This approach draws inspiration from recent attempts to bring actor-network...Read more

Taking Roles in Interdisciplinary Collaborations: Reflections on Working in Post-ELSI Spaces in the UK Synthetic Biology Community


"Based on criticism

of the “ethical, legal and social implications” (ELSI) paradigm, researchers in science and technology studies (...Read more

Internet Forums and the Rise of the Inventive Energy User

Abstract: "While climate and energy policy voice concerns about citizen’s lack of improving their houses and heating systems, some citizens by far exceed the expectations. Our research on heat pumps revealed over a hundred inventions by citizen users in Finland alone, despite the technology...Read more