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I am interested in how people relate to food and how those relations affect the way they understand and act on their worlds, bodies, practices, and wellbeing. My previous research has focused on food practices, desire, eating and hunger experiences, and their connection to urbanization, class, and gender relations in different contexts (internal migration in the Mexico-US border, and private/public universities in Mexico City). For my Ph.D., I’m working on how desire for “sustainable food” reconfigures socioecological, technoscientific, and ethical-political relations in corporate food supply chains. My motivation is to understand the potential of food in socioecological transformations.

B.A. Cultural Anthropology. Universidad de las Americas Puebla.
M.A. Social Sciences and Humanities. Unviersidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Unidad Cuajimalpa.
1st year PhD student. Ecology, Evolution, Environment and Society. Dartmouth College.


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September 27, 2021 - 1:47am

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This is my collaboration bio as of 26th of September, 2021. I created this artifact to share with fellow participants in advance of the 6S pre-conference workshop. The full essay of collaboration bios can be found here.


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