Michael_Q6. Who should lead innovation?


6. Who should lead innovation? Government, private sector, users, innovators, others (specify “others”)

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Michael_Q6. Who should lead innovation?

(My answer before class)

 I think that the innovation should be market driven. This means that the private sector should lead innovation with its sole motivation being the capturing of the largest market share in the particular sector. This ability to capture that market share depends on the private sector providing product or solutions meeting the users’ current needs and a willingness to undertake market research to identify short comings and users' un-satisfied needs and make plans for the future innovations. 

Michael_Q6. Who should lead innovation?

(My partner's answer)

 I think innovators should lead the innovation. A professional innovator knows how to innovate the innovative things. It’s a kind of like Scientist knows the standard ways of conducting an experiment so it’s more possible for them to innovate the creative things to the human being. 

Michael_Q6. Who should lead innovation?

(My answer after class)

I still think that the innovation should be market driven. I was however not aware of the outsized role that governments play in the innovation process wherein particular companies are favored and given large contracts by the government or by receiving large tax incentives or low interest loans which creates an uncompetitive environment where other up-starts/ innovators are simply bought-out and their innovative ideas buried or incorporated in the operations of the larger company.


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