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The members of the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR)--a feminist, anticolonial, marine science laboratory-- have taken this year's frame of "interruption" as an invitation to think more carefully about the role that interruption plays, and might play, in the process of us becoming researchers, scientists, activists, colleagues and teachers.  

In this collective effort, interruption is framed not simply as occasions or encounters that get in our way, prohibiting us from completing our work. Instead, they are instances that prompt us to reflect upon how our ways of working, and making knowledge claims about phenomenon, and the world, are already entangled in relations and structures of power. With an emphasis on the contingent and the contextual, this collection hopes to provoke curiosity about how interruptions can serve as a powerful catalyst that enables new modes of working both politically and personally, as well as serve as moments where power relations come to discipline and direct knowledoledge. Foregrounding interruption as a productive force in the context of our everyday research practices  allows us to pursue concerns of reciprocal research relations, consent, data sovereignty as essential, rather than ancillary to research processes and outcomes.






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