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June 14, 2021 - 12:37am

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Lindsay Smith is a medical anthropologist and Assistant Professor in School for the Future of Innovation in Society. Her research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of transitional justice, trauma, and scientific meaning-making. Her book manuscript, Subversive Genes: Making human rights and DNA in Argentina, examines the impact of the invention of forensic genetics on the constitution of family, justice, and democracy in post-dictatorship Argentina. As an engaged anthropologist and ethnographic filmmaker, Lindsay has made films and published in collaboration with human rights groups, including the documentary ApariciĆ³n con Vida, detailing the use of DNA in the search for children kidnapped during the Argentine Dirty War. She is currently conducting an NSF funded ethnographic study of the border laboratory focused on the innovation ecosystems of migrants in the Mexican borderlands.


Lindsay A Smith

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