Lab Lectures and Machine Room

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With lab Lectures, we provide public events in which lab members or guests present a topic of their choice. While lecturers have always presented physically, we encourage members and outsiders to attend lectures by electronic means. We are continually working on improving the possibilities of this e-participation. As the world is rapidly changing, we are starting to consider the option that lecturers (or even all participants) join electronically. The experiment is open. But judging from our experiences during the first term amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems to work quite nicely Even though not all Lecture formats translate into the online format easily.

Machine Rooms are more intimate and dwell on experimental matters. As most machine rooms, ours too powers the construction of the lab itself, works on its maintenance, repair and innovation. The Machine Room contains a lot of creative and unbound energy. Therefore, it requires some shielding to protect the vulnerable processes inside, as well as the world outside against the disturbance and the high potentials it facilitates.


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November 24, 2022

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