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Images of Kandi Dump yard near Urdu School


Dump yard - Kandi




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Created date

May 9, 2019

Critical Commentary

These are some of the pictures of the Kandi Dump yard we clicked while we visited the site. It is located right behind the all boys Urdu medium residential school. The waste dumped here is not segregated and is set alight from time to time. Although the size of the dump does not appear daunting in its scale just yet, it shouldn't be too long before it does. Given the winds in this area, the light plastics fly away with the wind to wherever the wind blows, the heavier plastic stuff burns alongside other wet garbage that could have potentitally been composted. 
The staff and a few students who had gathered around the dump, curious about our presence, complained of the smell and the fumes and assured us that it was not their waste that was being dumped here.