iHub Research (2011 - 2017): a critical technology action research group within Nairobi's flagship tech innovation hub





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May 2, 2018 - 12:44pm

Critical Commentary

iHub Research was officially launched in 2011 at the one-year anniversary of the iHub, one of the first co-working spaces in sub-Saharan Africa. As an example of a non-traditional research organization, iHub Research bridged a gap between the academy, private sector, public sector, and technology entrepreneurs, producing work that while not explicitly identified as “STS,” in practice, was in line with the values and areas of interest of the field. As a non-academic research center striving to produce knowledge relevant for its community which could also be read by the academy and other stakeholders, we believe iHub Research should be considered a fundamental example of a key site of knowledge production offering critical perspectives on technology in Africa by and for the technology community in Kenya and beyond. We reflect on the enabling and constraining factors of iHub Research’s growth over time as we track its journey as an experimental hub for knowledge production. This STS Across Borders exhibit will compile and document major research outputs and experimental research processes established under iHub Research. We will also include interviews with key members of the research team and highlight their ongoing work.


Angela Okune