Gender and Science: Studies Across Cultures

TitleGender and Science: Studies Across Cultures
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKumar, Neelam
Number of Pages323
PublisherFoundation Books
ISBN Number978-93-82264-96-5
AbstractScience has been gender biased for centuries across cultural contexts. Different ideological constructions of gender through different eras have restricted women's access to science. The twentieth century, especially its second half, witnessed certain important changes in terms of women's status in society. This book includes essays by leading academics and researchers from different parts of the world, who discuss gender and science in their society and explore the relevance of gender theories. The book is divided into two broad sections. The first section provides conceptual reflections on gendered science and the second section examines the gender-science relationship using examples from various cultural contexts. The book tries to strike a balance between analyses of the gender dimension of science itself and the role of the wider social, economic and cultural factors. This interdisciplinary volume will be an important resource for graduate students and research scholars of gender studies, social history, psychology and sociology. Those interested in gender and science as well as cross-cultural issues will also find this book useful.
Short TitleGender and Science