Games for actors and non-actors

TitleGames for actors and non-actors
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBoal, Augusto
EditionSecond edition
CityNew York
ISBN Number0-415-26761-7
AbstractThis book is a unique piece of writing. The author's methods transform theatre into a democratic arena where the spectator becomes the "spectactor", contributing ideas, taking over roles, and using theatre to confront problems such as sexual harrassment, poor pay, homophobia, and racism. For this first translation into English, he has included fresh material to make it the most up to date introduction to the techniques of image theatre and forum theatre available. This work is a valuable handbook of methods, techniques, games, and exercises, and is a genuinely inspiring work by the world famous author of Theatre of the Oppressed. It is designed to help anyone, whether actor or nonactor, rehearse for real life: make the fictional real