The European Modernity: Science, Truth, and Method

TitleThe European Modernity: Science, Truth, and Method
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsUberoi, J. P. Singh
Number of Pages176
PublisherOxford University Press
ISBN Number978-0-19-565547-6
AbstractThis study examines the foundations of the European modernity in relation to the Hermetic tradition and its cosmological approach to life and knowledge. The symmetry of Dante, medicine of Paracelsus and science of Goethe form the background for this investigation of the modernist regime - its truth and method, pure and applied, its science of vivisection and technology of obsolescence. The leading hypothesis is that the self, the world and the other can have better relations in the future than they have had in the modern past from the new Eucharist to the bomb.
Short TitleThe European Modernity