Collective Writing  

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So far collective writing has happened mainly with the coding, as explained above, and in small working groups concerning specific papers, presentations and collective applications. This has happened mainly electronically or during coding sessions.

But as working in the social sciences and humanities implies writing, we have also organized sessions about writing where we read an excerpt of our own or other people texts. We have had sessions to presents examples of good and not-so-good writing, and we have collectively reflected on what makes a text good or bad.

As writing in the social sciences and humanities is often approached as an individual task, we attempt to turn parts of it into a collective process. The lab convenes collective writing sessions twice a week. These have emerged out of individual projects but have now stabilized as open formats everyone is welcome to join – at least everyone who is willing to “shut up and write” for a couple of hours.


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November 24, 2022

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