CastagnoA & McCartyT The Anthropology of Education Policy

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May 3, 2022 - 4:47pm

Critical Commentary


Situating the Field 1

1 Finding the Practice in Education Policy: A Disciplinary Genealogy  3 Teresa L. McCarty and Angelina E. Castagno

2 Theoretical Foundations for a CriticalAnthropology of Education Policy 23 Bradley A. Levinson, Teresa Winstead, and Margaret Sutton

3 What Does an Anthropologist of Educational Policy Do? Methodological Considerations 42 Edmund T. Hamann and Thirusellvan Vandeyar

Educational Reform and Contestation in the U.S. 61

4 Producing Policy Prescriptions in a “Persistently Low-Achieving” School 63 Jill Koyama

5 Studying Educational Policy through Its Dissenters: The Anthropology of U.S. Educational Policy Contestation 82 Jen Sandler

6 The Ambiguous Political Power of Liberal School Reform 103 Amanda Lashaw

Raced, and Racing, Education Policy 123
7 The (In)Flexibility of Racial Policies: Chinese Americans in the Jim Crow South 125 Stacey J. Lee

8 DREAMers and DACAmented Students in U.S. Higher Education: Toward a Critical Race Anthropology
of Education Policy 139 Carol E. Johnson and Angelina E. Castagno

9 Along Ghostly Grains: Toward an Ethnography of Policy 158 Sabina E. Vaught and Gabrielle Orum Hernández

Language, Identity, and Exclusionary Education Policy 181

10 “Safe” versus “Dangerous” Policy Processes in Urban Public Schooling: The Case of Native American
Education in Arizona 183 Cynthia Benally

11 Policy Practices and State Effects: A Comparative Analysis of Social Inequality, Language Diversity, and Education
Policy in South Africa and the United States 201 James Collins

2 Language Sequestration and Public Education: A View from the New Language Policy Studies 224 Teresa L. McCarty


The Anthropology of Higher Education Policy: Ethnographic Inquiries into Policy as a Sociocultural Process. 

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