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As mentioned, the calendar serves to see collectively the lab member’s activities and the classes we all give. We encourage members to add the lab calendar to their schedules so they can know what is going on and at what times.

An essential feature of the calendar is to set the times for lab attendance. Everyone can put in the calendar the time s/he is in the lab which should serve others and students to see when they can use the lab rooms.  We have three different categories to mark in the calendar:


(1) There are ‘open hours’ for the lab, 2h during the week (managed by the coordinator, he will be there).

(2) There are booked student hours (students can write an email to the lab manager to ask for a specific slot. And then somebody will be there if it fits the schedule).

(3) We are in the house but not available (e.g., having a class next door).


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