Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society

The Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society provides communication within as wide of a spectrum of the STS community as possible, including faculty and students from sciences, engineering, the humanities, education, and behavioral and social sciences in the newly emerging groups on university and college campuses, and in high school systems, all of which teach integrative STS subject matters. It includes professionals in government, industry and universities, ranging from philosophers and historians of science to social scientists concerned with how science and technology affect the study and policy-making of their own craft. Yet a third category of readers represents "society": journalists addressing the impacts of science and technology, public interest groups and the attentive public.

Material prepared for the Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society can include original research articles or reflection on STS topics. We emphasize articles of general interest to those in STS fields, which can be used at different educational levels. Subjects include but are not limited to:

  • Intersections of STS and policy
  • Technology assessment
  • Impact of STS upon human values, religious insights, and work and labor
  • Public understanding of technology and science, especially in science education
  • Professional activities of individuals active in STS
  • Letters to the editor and responses to earlier printed articles
  • Research notes


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August 13, 2018

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