AO. Pollock's data practices.

  • Pollock does not go into detail about her own data practices but mentions that “since beginning my research on this project in 2010, I have interviewed several members of iThemba’s management and scientific advisory board – some in the United States and the United Kingdom, some in South Africa – and I have taken four ethnographic trips to iThemba’s labs in the outskirts of Johannesburg. All of the scientists at iThemba agreed to participate in multiple open-ended interviews, and I also attended their lab meetings and did participant observation onsite.” This suggests the kind of ethnographic data she collected although it doesn’t detail storage, sharing, etc.

  • There are photographs by the author included in the paper.

  • On anonymity: “Unlike the management and scientific advisory board of iThemba, the on-site scien- tists are not public figures, and so I try to make sure that individuals are not identifiable when I quote them below, even though this has the unfortunate effect of making their voices somewhat disembodied. (861)”

  • Pollock includes direct quotes in block paragraphs in the paper.


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