4S abstracts on Labour, Technology and Automation

 The main priority given by STS scholars, chairs and especially the president is regarding the inclusiveness of adding more scholarly, multi-sited,  diverse areas under an inclusive framework of sts across borders. Rather than taking the conventional way of mere representative politics of academia, the sts scholarship genuinely tries to dismantle the eurocentricity of the discourses in various ways. Apart from any other scandinavian nations, the president and chairs noted that picking up Australia, which is the frontier of eurocentrism and isolated from the rest of world gives a good message of inclusiveness in the academic sphere. kim fortunes stress on aboriginal and Australian indigenous STS scholarship is not something for namesake. they have proven it by starting the mission of translating across different languages from indigenous to asiatic one's. Kim Fortun as the president of this ' movement' also praises how certain people working hard to organise a beyond boundary, inclusive program in the contemporary political turmoil where the grip of xenophobia is increasing day by day.

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