4S abstracts on Labour, Technology and Automation

  • Care: It is one of the underestimated labour power due to the holiness and emotions attached to it in the popular culture. One of the abstracts gives us an insight into how artificial intelligence and robotics is going to be placed on works, which are considered not to automated according to Autor's Work Polarisation theory. It also enlightens us how certain work which was earlier neglected in the cultural assumptions are reasserting its humanness and by which one kind of labour power faces the threat of automation
  • The nightmare of automation: Since the beginning of time, whenever there is an innovation in technology, there will be a displacement of labour forces. the reactions ranged from warm welcome to luddism. In the contemprary era of AI and automation, the stakeholders don't have any idea of the pace of automation and where it leads the human society.  one of the articles tries to deal with the socio-technical imagination behind such fear and empirically analysing the issue by situating it on time and space, rather than generalising it.
  •  technological determinism ": one of the important questions asked from both sts and sociology of technology,  according to Winner(1986) a better way to understand such concept is not to run behind over exaggerated movies or novels, it should be understood from where this notion emerged. a socio-historical analysis of science and technology also cant concretely deny  'technological determinism'. But these working papers helps us to understand how technology in different social and cultural settings have different sets of meanings.

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