4S abstracts on Labour, Technology and Automation

Adrian James Wright is a research scholar who is interested in the development of Japanese robotic technology and the social implications for ageing populations in East Asia and beyond. 

Dr Liam Magee is a Senior Research Fellow at ICS. His areas of interest are on the application of social methods and information technology to the areas of urban development and sustainability.  At present, he investigates the how online games, simulations and other information technologies can facilitate greater clarity and visibility of sustainability objectives among urban communities and stakeholder groups. 

Ned Rossiter is known for research on network cultures, the politics of cultural labour, logistical media and data politics. Coming from a media theory background he investigates data centres and the governance of labour and territory in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney along with  Brett Neilson and Tanya Notley.

Roger A. Søraa is an Assistant Professor and works as a researcher for the DRIVERS project, and as a research coordinator for the EU-projects SHAPE ENERGY and ENERGY SHIFTS. He also teaches and runs classes on Digital cultures and ICT and Cultural Change. His research interests include Robotization of gerontechnology, transport and agriculture, Automation of work and practise and Digitalization of society and social media.

Kuan-Hung Lo is currently pursuing PhD in the Department of Science, Technology, and Society at Virginia Tech. His major research interests range from History of Technology, Gender Studies and Gender and Technology. At present he works on a project titles' Approaching the Human-Humanoid Robot Relationship: Social Images and Constructed Meanings of Humanoid Robots’ Bodies'. It tries to understand robots with human bodies and its relation to humans

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