4. Concept Construction : Identify in the Argument, key 'Entities' (subject/object relations), map out their relation with regard to Context, Concern and Conclusion


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April 22, 2019

Given that is chapter is a handbook introduction to Lab studies, it is chalk-full concepts that present lab studies as to how it has been thought through, in connection to the various concerns it addresses. Knorr Cetina, the author of the chapter does so grounding each concept within its larger historical, theoretical or methodical phase or framework that STS and Lab studies are focused on. By doing this she illustrates not just the logic of each concept and framework, but often hinting at what came before and how it was conceived, and changes that each concept brings forth.          

To name a few key concepts, it would start with the discourse of lab studies that go beyond the experiment by the very conditions that influence the creation and distribution of scientific knowledge. The second would be the lab as a theoretical notion that reconfigures natural and social states, an approach coupled best with constructivist thought. Finally would be the relation of negotiation and robustness within the very creation and operating of fact.