[YI CHEN HONG洪翊宸]Q6. Who should lead innovation?

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The innovator

[my answer]

In my opinion, the sequence of leading innovations will be: innovators, private sector, government, users, and the world trend (others).

First, innovators will innovate a new idea which can apply to a product. Second, a private sector which notice the benefits of the product may buy the intellectual property rights of this product or ask for authorization to sell it. Third, the private sector will ask the government whether this product can be sold, and if so, they can get a commodity trading license. Then it comes to the users, which decide wether to support this new product. When most people will pay for this product and like it very much, it becomes a world trend, and a world trend can inspire the innovators to innovate more products.

The users

[my reflection]

After the discussion with my partner, users have more impact on development than I thought. So the sequence will be: innovators, users, world trend, private sector, and government. 

Since the users‘ choice may affect inventors’ inventions, so the users only slightly less important than the inventor. And for the world trend, it may influence the choice of the uses, such as people tend to buy things that are very common and well-reviewed item. 

And for the three remain points will be same as what I said before the discussion.


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