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What questions or elaborations do you have about this artifact?

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - 9:35am

Hi Hannah! I thought the images you chose, and how you situated them within your project, was really interesting. A few questions I had were:

- Do the images of "open data" that you found across different websites and institutions all align? Or are there differences between them?

- How do these images of open-access data differ from other images of data in more closed/private modes of sharing that you have encountered? How do the stakeholders you are researching make visible/tangible the idea of 'open-ness' in website designs/aesthetics/imagery?

- To what extent are images important to your interlocutors? For instance, to what extent do images play a role in stakeholders' "attempt to influence researchers' behavior" - versus words or default settings, as you also describe? 

I'm looking forward to talking about this more during the sketch session!

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