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Saturday, August 15, 2020 - 5:45pm

screenshot of news article Truth is Paywalled But the Lies Are Free

Bar chart of time spent writing documentation

The gap between how much surveyed OSS library developers usually spend on documentation versus they time they think they should spend on documentation. Each vertical bar is a single respondent from a survey of developers at a scientific computing conference. Negative values represent respondents that believe they should spend more time on documentation, codified as “Documentation Guilt.” Figure created from data by Holdgraf and Varoquaux (2017). The Types, Roles, and Practices of Documentation in Data Analytics Open Source Software Libraries

screenshot of a google doc that was the first draft of Helpful Engineers collaborative documentation

screenshot of helpful engineers website post-documentation

screenshot of video from Duke study on mask effectiveness 

Dr. Martin Fischer, Ph.D., from Duke University, developed a simple, low-cost technique to visualize the effectiveness of different face coverings on droplet emissions during normal wear. Testing several face coverings, the researchers found that the particles can be blocked by some, but not all recommended face coverings. N95s without valves, and surgical, and polypropylene masks worked best. Cotton face coverings provided some coverage. Bandanas and neck fleece didn’t block the droplets very much.

Illuminated through a sheet of laser light, droplets from speaking with no mask are seen on the top right compared with different masks in the three other boxes. (Shawn Rocco/Duke Health)

Wearing a neck gaiter may be worse than no mask at all, researchers find: Duke study finds some cotton cloth masks are about as effective as surgical masks, while thin polyester spandex gaiters may be worse than going maskless.

  • “Buff performance head and neckwear are not intended to be used as medical-grade face masks or as a replacement for N95 respirators as effective measures to prevent disease, illness, or the spread of viruses,” the statement said.

  • “All gaiters are not created equal,” Chris Bernat, co-founder of South Carolina-based Vapor Apparel, said. “There’s a segment of this category that’s of a much higher quality that’s engineered to be layered.” 

Vs. For All We Know, Gaiter Masks Are Fine News stories suggesting gaiters are worse than no mask at all are relying on a study that proves no such thing.

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