Nicolas Sanhueza Rodríguez


Chile Santiago


Postgraduate Student - Master in Sociology


I’m a Master in Sociology Student at the Catholic University of Chile, in the Institute of Sociology. I work in environmental sociology, risk governance, experimental ethnographies and science and technology studies in the coast of Valparaiso (Chile). I'm interested in investigating forms of local knowledge of natural disasters and climate risks, community forms of non-institutional participation in the design of prevention and care agreements.

As a practitioner, I have worked as coordinator of a Chilean Nucleus on Actor-Network Theory (NANT), with the collaboration of the Sociology Department at the Alberto Hurtado University. In this project, we have recently published a book that collects the works of Chilean researchers in STS, called: "Technopolitics: Chilean STS studies". More information here

Also, I’m a member of the Chilean STS network (CTS-Chile), which has been an inter, trans and multidisciplinary innovative and challenging collaboration space since 2011. Gathering academics and practitioners from social sciences, engineering, history, natural sciences, and philosophy.

Recently, I’m the Academic Coordinator of the Millennium Research Nucleus in Energy and Society (NUMIES). The Nucleus is part of the Millennium Scientific Initiative in Chile, which is promoted and financed by the Chilean Ministry of Economy. This is a research space in which more than 10 researchers from the social sciences and engineering work collaboratively. The researchers that move NUMIES address the challenges associated with the energy transition from different disciplines, places, intellectual traditions and moment of an academic career.