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STS India

'A Celebration of Difference: Science and Democracy in India'

This is a short commentry by SHiv Visvanathan on the development of the debate on science and society in India.Read more

Where are the Missing Masses? The Quasi-Publics and Non-Publics of Technoscience

This paper is an attempt to theorise 'Multiple Publics' with the help of case studies from India. The cases discussed are the Endosulfan controversy in Kerala, People's Protests against Nuclear Reactors at Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu, and the public deliberations on Bt Brinjal. 

...Read more

Situating Ethics in Technology and Science

"Much of the problems associated with the application of technology can be traced to the absence of any social science
input into the foundation or structuring of science research in our contemporary world. Civil society interventions are almost invariably seen as irritants to science, while...Read more

Commoditised Science, or Science for Consumption?

This is an article from 1990 by philosopher and historian of science, prof Dhruv Raina on scientific governance and the role of science activism. 

"Economic interests and science bureaucracies within the governemnt mediate the orientation of science programmes, Scientists and people's...Read more

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