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Australian STS

Science and Other Indigenous Knowledge Systems

This book chapter from the 1995 Handbook of Science and Technology Studies, co-authored by Helen Verran and David Turnbull, explores the concept of 'knowledge systems' through several examples, including builders of Gothic cathedrals, Amer-Indian cultures (Inca and Anasazi), and...Read more

The Politics of Knowing and Being Known

In this 1990 essay, Helen Verran discusses the ways in which the Yolngu people of northern Austrtalia 'are engaging in the politics of knowing and being known in a systematic endeavour to halt and to reverse the impulse for domination of European-dervied Australia' (Verran, 1990: 127). Read more

Remembering the spread of Western science

Article by Professor Warwick Anderson on scientific knowledge production, circulation and globalization, published 2018. Includes the role of Deakin STS scholars in revising notions of how knowledge moves.

ABSTRACT: In the fifty years since publication of George Basalla’s ‘The Spread of...Read more

New Scientist - 'The Way of Logic'

This 'New Scientist' piece, published in December 1995, documents Helen Verran's research into the knowledge systems of Yolngu people of northern Australia. It draws on direct quotes from an interview with Helen Verran.  Read more

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