Indexing Data Types

This sketch created by Kim Fortun is used here with permission for use as part of the 6S 2022 Sketch Groups. Find the full index of sketches here.


In this sketch, you will describe the kinds of data you anticipate producing and how you will preserve and access them.


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April 13, 2022

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Kim Fortun, Angela Okune, Misria Shaik Ali, Barkha Satish Kagliwal, María P. Angel, Katie Ulrich, Nadine Tanio, JIANAN HUANG, Emily York, Monica Bustamante, Vivian Choi, Kathryne Metcalf, Amanda Domingues, Montserrat Perez Castro Perez, Rohit Negi, Maggie Mang, Srishti Sood, Tatiana Smirnova, CeciliaPassanti, Mylène Tanferri, Monamie Haines, Kim Fernandes, Lissette Lorenz, Tonya Tartour, Virga Popovaite and Amit Kaushik. 13 April 2022, "Indexing Data Types", STS Infrastructures, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 3 May 2022, accessed 26 May 2022.