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ESTS: Talking STS



Created date

July 21, 2018

Critical Commentary

This artifact lists various essays published as part of the "Talking STS" series (under the Traces catoegy in Vol 4 of Engaging Science, Technology, and Society. The series was commissioned to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the University of Edinburgh’s Science Studies Unit (SSU). 

"Talking STS is a collection of interviews and accompanying reflections on the origins, the present and the future of the field referred to as Science and Technology Studies or Science, Technology and Society (STS). The volume assembles the thoughts and recollections of some of the leading figures in the making of this field. The occasion for producing the collection has been the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the University of Edinburgh’s Science Studies Unit (SSU). The Unit’s place in the history of STS is consequently a recurring theme of the volume. However, the interviews assembled here have a broader purpose – to present interviewees’ situated and idiosyncratic experiences and perspectives on STS, going beyond the contributions made to it by any one individual, department or institution. Both individually and collectively, these conversations provide autobiographically informed insights on STS. Together with the reflections, they prompt further discussion, reflection and questioning about this constantly evolving field."



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