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Community Engagement/National Innovation Systems


Maite works on the relevance of non-expert knowledge in GMO discussions. She not only involves people designing, transforming and discussing this controversy but has also had an approach from citizen participation and science. Her work accounts for a focus on the action that STS practices connect, between the local, community and even the intimate, versus a more structural or large-scale approach. On the other hand, Jose shares his partial teaching position with a technical job in the state, where he mobilizes participation in the (nascent) national innovation system. It infiltrates it with new voices, redefines it by opening spaces for dialogue and dynamizes it, allowing local and specific communities to be part of its redesign. This oscillation between the micro (citizen participation) and the macro (the national system of oscillation) is intermingled by the members of the network, not only in the cases they observe, but also with the communities that are involved, committed and regenerated with their presences.


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Created date

September 2, 2019


Critical Commentary

What frameworks are/were mobilized to articulate this STS innovation?