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Wednesday, December 2, 2020 - 11:56am



When does one learn to be Hindu? My aunt told me a story that you can never become a Hindu in this life. That what Julia Roberts did during Eat, Pray, Love; and in real life, is a theatre of religion. You can only be born in a Hindu family. In the past life, you may have been anything, even a grain of sand. Only through reincarnating from the womb of a Hindu mother can you be Hindu. A Hindu in the womb. You have the rest of your life to learn how to be one. 


"At the heart of Hindu nationalist claims is the consistent conflation of India with South Asia, and Hindu India with multireligious India" (160)

At the heart of; essentially; basically; to summarize; in other words


"These are the tales of the secular and the theocratic, of science and religion, of the first and third worlds, of disembodiment and embodiment in the twenty-first century. No longer does science belong only to the west; the East and others claim it too. No longer is science confined to secular spaces and objective natural worlds; science has its own gods and rituals. No longer is science objective, saved from the tainted hands of politics, religion, and commerce; it is openly and deeply implicated in them all. No longer is science practiced only in the hallways of esteemed ivory towers; it is now democratized, claimed by all who want to, and widely practiced in various labs as well as garages and bedrooms across the globe through DIY science. No longer does the West control the knowledge or the tools of production; nationalism has claimed genetics within its repertoire of tools. These are the new confabulations of technologies of belonging in the twenty-first century, the contours of a new biocitizenship in these neoliberal times"

If we think with thinkers like Ludwig Fleck and others introduced in this course who remind us that ghosts persist even in the West, and that traces of what is "under erasure" can never go away, how do we re-frame sentences like "no longer..."? my impulse is epistemological symmetry squared [an astrological term denoting conflict between planets] with epistemological justice. 

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