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ESTS: Talking STS

Introduction: Talking STS , Fadhila Mazanderani, Isabel Fletcher, Pablo Schyfter “Things Can Be Done Here That Cannot So Easily Be Done Elsewhere”: Jane Calvert Talks with Arie Rip , Jane Calvert, Arie Rip Cracking the Crystal in STS: Marcelo Fetz Talks with Harry Collins , Marcelo Fetz, Harry...Read more
Facepalms and Cringes: Liberal Education Misapprehended

Many well-intentioned engineering faculty, eager to integrate engineering and liberal arts, do not seem to truly grasp the meaning and intent of liberal education. Most of us are doing it wrong, and our colleagues across campus would cringe or facepalm at our efforts. Such moments reveal...Read more

Catalyst "News in Focus": Ebola

This essay features a discssion on the "Ebola" outbreak as part of the "News in Focus" section of the journal Catalyst. The curators, Deboleena Roy and banu Subramaniam note in the abstract:

"As we planned this inaugural issue, and watched the news of Ebola in the U.S. media...Read more

Feminist Technoscience: Intimacy, Embodiment and Abjection in Science Studies

This is the inaugural editorial for a special issue on "Feminist Technoscience" published by the journal, Science & Technology Studies.Read more

The Copenhagen INES Workshop

Workshop report published by Engineering StudiesRead more

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Science, Technology & Human Values Social Studies of Science Science as Culture Engaging Science, Technology & Society EASST Review Science, Technology & Society Technology & Culture ISIS OSIRIS Cultural Anthropology Minerva Engineering Studies ICON Techné European Journal for...Read more
Global Engineering Studies

This poster was created as part of STS Publications, an STS Across Borders gallery collection at the 4S 2018 annual meeting in Sydney, Australia.

This poster helps to answer the shared ...Read more

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